A world without bacteria is, simply, unimaginable. Without them we probably wouldn’t be here. They have existed for billions of years and are everywhere, including within us. In fact, the microorganisms in our guts, our gut microbiota, are essential for key functions that help us live in good health. The same could be said for the rest of the animals, plants or even the Earth.

To pay tribute to them, 27th June has been internationally devoted to bacteria. It is an initiative by APC Microbiome Ireland, a research institute of the University College Cork (Ireland). Its developers hope it will become an annual event.

One of the goals of this day is to give visibility to the fascinating world of microbiomes and encourage debate about its importance

Its aim is “to showcase the vibrant and diverse worlds of microbiomes, and to encourage public dialogue on their critical importance to human, animal and environmental health”. And they encourage all kinds of microbiome researchers from all over the world to join and “spread the message of the importance of microbiomes”.

The website of the event contains valuable information regarding the role gut microbiota have on health, and the link between brain and gut. It highlights the importance of foods that help us take care of our gut microbiota, such as prebiotics, probiotics and fermented foods. Fermentation, which has been part of our ancestral dietary practices, offers several benefits: it enhances taste, nutritional value, preservative, and even medicinal properties. In this sense, some recent research has linked fermented foods with mitigation of inflammation and oxidative stress.

The website has also a section devoted to recommendations about online resources. Our platform Gut Microbiota is quoted as a reliable information source about gut microbiota and health. So we are proud! We would like to thank the World Microbiome Day initiative for this recognition.

APC Microbiome Ireland recommends Gut Microbiota for Health as a reliable source of information on gut microbiota and health

Different public events have been organised to celebrate this World Day, so you can check the website to see if there is one near your city. They even have created a prize, the “Microbiome Hero” Award, with which they want to recognise people who have carried out microbiome friendly activities. You can join the conversation in social networks using the hashtag #worldmicrobiomeday. For sure, GMFH will take part!