1. Identification of the website owner

Pursuant to the Spanish Law on Services of the Information Society (Ley de Servicios de la Sociedad de la Información), European Society of Neurogastroenterology and Motility (hereinafter “ESNM”), owner of the website www.gutmicrobiotaforhealth.com, informs you that its full company information is as follows:


  • Full company name: ESNM, Sociedad Europea de Neurogastroenterología y Motilidad (en adelante, “ESNM”)
  • Registered Office: Alser Strasse 4,1090 Vienna, Austria
  • Teléfono: +43 1 405 13 83 31
  • E-mail: info@esnm.eu

The website user will be referred to the “User” or the “Customer”.



2.1 Access to and use of the website www.gutmicrobiotaforhealth.com and all sub-domains and directories (the “Website”) are subject to the Terms & Conditions, as well as the Data Protection and Cookies Policy. In particular, for the purposes of this Terms & Conditions, the Website includes any information or visual content (collectively considered the “Content”), provided and/or broadcast, which, due to its selection or provision, is an intellectual creation subject to the protection of section 12 of the Spanish Consolidated Intellectual Property Act (Ley de Propiedad Intelectual).

2.2. Entering, using or browsing the Website and its content will entail tacit acceptance of the Terms of Use set out in this Terms & Conditions. The User expressly accepts, without exception, that they access and use the Website and the Content at their sole responsibility before ESNM and any third party.

2.3. The User must use the Website diligently and correctly. The User also agrees not to use it: (a) to perform activities contrary to the law, moral standards, established good conduct or public order and (b) for unlawful, prohibited purposes or those harmful to the rights and interests of third parties, absolving ESNM from any liability that could result from the above.

2.4. Any change by the user to the website’s content, such as links or similar, is prohibited.


  1. Links

3.1. All links, hypertext, framing or any other kind of virtual connection through telecommunications networks from any website to our Website must be requested and authorised in advance by ESNM, otherwise links on the Website must be to the homepage.

3.2. Links to third-party websites are solely for guidance purposes, in order to provide the User with other sources of information that may be of interest. ESNM has no control over those websites and is not responsible for their content. ESNM assumes no direct or indirect liability in relation to the lawfulness, accuracy, usefulness, quality or reliability of content and/or services that it does not directly manage or control, even if that can be accessed through the Website.

3.3 ESNM endeavours to regularly review the content of its links. However, it is not possible to be aware of the specific content of links at all times. As a result, we ask that any User who access that content and discovers content that could be contrary to the law, moral standards or public order, to inform us by email to contact@gutmicrobiotaforhealth.com



  1. Intellectual and industrial property

4.1. ESNM reserves the intellectual and industrial property rights of its Website.

4.2. The user acknowledges that ESNM does not assign or transfer to the User any right over the Website or the Content or on any trademarks or other distinctive marks that may appear on it, including any third-party property. ESNM only authorises the User to access and use them in accordance with the terms of this Terms & Conditions. Specifically, ESNM authorises Users to access and browse the Website and to view the Content on it for their private use, and is prohibited from using them for commercial ends or to engage in unlawful activities.


  1. Liability.

5.1. With the exception of the express indications of these General Terms and Conditions, the User expressly recognises and accepts that ESNM offers no guarantee of any kind over the Content of the Website, or on the Website itself, except where the law states otherwise, and solely and exclusively to the extent imposed by law.

5.2. ESNM accepts no responsibility for the opinions expressed by third parties using the tools provided to such end now or in future on the Website, and accepts no responsibility for the content of websites linked through those tools.

5.3. ESNM accepts no responsibility for potential security faults that may occur, or any damage caused to the User’s computer system (hardware and software) or the files or documents stored on them, as a result of a virus on the User’s computer used to connect to the Website’s services and Content, browser malfunction or use of outdated versions. ESNM does not guarantee the absence of errors when accessing the Website or its contents, or that it is up-to-date, although it will make its best effort to avoid, correct or update errors.

5.4. ESNM accepts no responsibility for damage and/or loss of any kinds that a User or third party may be occasioned as a result of: (i) the lack of availability, maintenance or effective operation of the Website and its services and Content; (ii) the lack of usefulness, accuracy, suitability or validity of the Website, its services or Content to satisfy the needs or expectations of the User; (iii) a third parties, violating establish security measures, uses the Website, its Content or services to spread a virus, or to perform unauthorised processing of the stored data; (iv) in general any use of the Website, its services and/or Content by a User or third party contrary to the conditions of access and use herein established.


  1. Amendments and reserves

ESNM reserves the right to make changes and updates to the information posted on its Website or to its settings and presentation at any time, with no need to serve prior notice. It likewise reserves the right to temporarily suspend the Website, with no need for prior warning, where needed to perform maintenance, repair or improvement works.

ESNM reserves the right to include or withdraw, at its sole discretion, any information from the Website in part or in full.

Last update of website content: 16th January 2020.


  1. User of the website and data protection.

Personal data or, generally speaking, any information provided by the Client will be processed in accordance with the Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy. When using the Website, the Customer consents to the processing of their data and information, and declares them to be accurate.

For more detailed information on Data Protection, please see our Privacy Policy.

ESNM has taken the technical and organisational steps necessary to guarantee data security and avoid their alteration, loss, unauthorised processing or access, considering the state of the art the nature of the stored data and the risks to which they are exposed, whether from human action of physical or natural means.


  1. Governing law and jurisdiction

For the resolution of any dispute or issue arising in relation to this Website or the activities carried out on it, ESNM and the User submit to Spanish law, waiving any other that may apply to them, and submit to the Courts of Barcelona, Spain, to settle any resulting dispute or litigation, unless imperative legislation establishes a different jurisdiction or law that applies.