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Your gut microbiota and you grow old together

28 Feb 2020

by GMFH Editing Team

A new article on gut microbiota featured in National Geographic Magazine looks over the key functions these essential microorganisms have for human health through our lives.

Most of us want to lower our cardiometabolic risk in order to live long and healthy lives; that is, we want to have what doctors define as a low risk of developing cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

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Diet is your best ally for taking care of the gut microbiota. Scientists agree that the recipe for achieving a healthier gut microbiome includes eating more plants regularly with fermented foods containing probiotics.

Interviewed at the 8th Gut Microbiota for Health World Summit 2019 in Miami (USA), Natasha Haskey analyzes what happens in the gut microbiota when we change our diet.

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Research & Practice news

Individuals with obesity and type 2 diabetes have shown an altered gut microbiome composition. A new study has discovered tissue bacterial signatures linked to type 2 diabetes.

Large inter-individual variability exists regarding how our gut microbiota responds to dietary intervention. New findings in mice and people with obesity show that ‘responders’ to inulin may be identifiable from their gut microbiota before they receive the intervention.

Our gut microbiota profile may help us understand the contribution of bariatric surgery to weight loss. New findings reveal gut microbiota composition before Roux-en-Y gastric bypass is associated with type 2 diabetes remission in obese diabetic women.