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Our Top 10 2020 gut microbiota articles

5 Jan 2021

by GMFH Editing Team

This year’s research has brought to light many interesting advances in the field of gut health and has unveiled some of the microbiota’s secrets. We have discussed the impact of diet, immunity, fermented foods, the characteristics of gut health, and of course we also covered COVID-19. So, can you guess what GMFH’s 10 most popular articles of 2020 were?

Fermented foods are an increasing focus of interest for both scientists and consumers. Few modern foods are a significant source of live microbes, and fermented foods can be the exception. What do we know about how those dietary microbes impact our gut microbiota and our health?

Good nutrition is important to support the immune system through shaping the balance of the gut microbiota. Learn more on how nutrition and having a healthy lifestyle can support the immune system particularly with regards to protection against COVID-19.

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Food 4 Gut Health news

A new study suggests that the gut microbiota may be a novel avenue for exploring heart disease prevention. This article explains how a diet higher in plants and lower in animal products may decrease heart disease risk thanks to the reduction in certain metabolites produced by the gut microbiota.

A new study performed in the elderly from five European countries reveals that following a Mediterranean diet may positively affect the gut microbiota and health in this population.

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Research & Practice

Research & Practice news

Is it time to consider next-generation beneficial microbes for tackling obesity? APC Microbiome Ireland researchers identify Bifidobacterium longum APC1472 as a promising candidate

In 2020, we saw important scientific advances in our understanding of how the gut microbiome contributes to human health beyond the gastrointestinal milieu. Discover the year’s breakthroughs in this “2020 Year at a glance” report.

While for almost all of human evolution our food and water have contained large numbers of microorganisms, the industrialized human diet contains low microbial numbers. So are we ready to recommend a specific daily intake of microbes?