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Research on the gut microbiome has mainly focused on bacteria, while other key microorganisms such as fungi have been largely overlooked. Learn more about the fungal microbiota’s relevance for health, how it develops across the lifespan and how you can take care of it.

Changes in the gut microbiome have been associated with conditions that cause bone loss or increase fracture risk. Learn more about the role of the gut microbiota in bone health and what today’s science says about the manipulation of the gut microbiota by oral probiotics to prevent bone loss.

What happens in your gut may affect distal organs that are not apparently connected to your gut. Dr. Premysl Bercik explores what recent studies have shown regarding the association between the microbiome and neurological disorders.

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What leads a journalist or writer to publish another book about the large community of bacteria living in the gut? To answer this question, we spoke to Cristina Sáez, a science journalist who, in conjunction with Spanish organization Fundación Alicia, has recently published a book on the subject called La ciencia de la microbiota.

There is a growing interest in the role diet plays in behavior, yet current studies have yielded inconsistent results around directly linking the gut microbiome as the cause of certain behaviors such as anxiety, depression and autistic behavior. A recent study tries to tackle the question of whether the gut microbiome is directly linked to autism spectrum disorders.

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Research & Practice news

It has been 10 years since GMFH was launched with the aim of disseminating the latest gut microbiome research to the lay public, healthcare professionals and scientists alike. In this article, members of the GMFH board of experts share their pick of the most significant advances in the field, outlining their clinical impact and implications for further research.

Gut fungi found in the lower gastrointestinal tract can influence the host immune system just like the bacterial microbiota. This article focuses on the role of the gut mycobiota in immune system homeostasis and its relevance for host health.

A wide range of diseases, from irritable bowel syndrome to depression, have been associated with increased intestinal permeability or ‘leaky gut’. What does a leaky gut mean, how can it be diagnosed and what available dietary strategies work for managing it?