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The gut microbiota influences sports performance and resilience after physical exercise. Also, practicing moderate exercise on a regular basis results in a healthier bacterial composition and, therefore, better physical and mental health.

Dr. Hervé Blottière updates us on what current studies say about when bacteria first colonize the body and the impact of that process on infant health.

Dr. James Versalovic updates what we know so far about the contribution of an altered gut microbiota to the development of the IBS and the available science-backed tools for relieving symptoms.

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What leads a journalist or writer to publish another book about the large community of bacteria living in the gut? To answer this question, we spoke to Cristina Sáez, a science journalist who, in conjunction with Spanish organization Fundación Alicia, has recently published a book on the subject called La ciencia de la microbiota.

There is a growing interest in the role diet plays in behavior, yet current studies have yielded inconsistent results around directly linking the gut microbiome as the cause of certain behaviors such as anxiety, depression and autistic behavior. A recent study tries to tackle the question of whether the gut microbiome is directly linked to autism spectrum disorders.

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Following the GMFH 2022 Year at a Glance report, it is time for a flashback in the latest research on cancer microbiome. This post ranges between the epidemiology, etiology and diagnosis of cancer, looking at the role of fungal and bacterial gut microbiome in all three health care branches.

Significant strides have been made in our comprehension of the role of the gut microbiome in health and disease throughout the year 2022. We invite you to take a closer look at the "2022 Year at a Glance" report and learn about the groundbreaking discoveries made.

The Human Microbiome Action project is inviting experts in microbiome-based biomarker development to participate in a Delphi survey.