As we are about to leave 2016 behind—full of interesting discoveries in the field of gut microbiota, with a total of 50 articles published on our platform—, now is the time for us to take stock in our own inimitable way: our Microbiotic Top 10!

We at Gut Microbiota News Watch would like to share a list of the ten most popular articles on our blog over the past 12 months and we encourage you to join us in ushering in 2017, as we await the new developments that the fascinating world of gut microbiota has in store for us.

  1. More than 700 bacteria live in breast milk
  2. How gut microbiota could play a key role in protecting the brain
  3. New discoveries related to gut microbiota and multiple sclerosis
  4. Connecting the Dots between Digestion and Emotion: Book Review of Emeran Mayer’s The Mind-Gut Connection
  5. What dark chocolate and red wine can do for your gut microbiota
  6. Administering antibiotics to mothers during birth alters the microbiota of newborns
  7. Gut microbiota functions
  8. Learning what happens between a probiotic input and a health output
  9. Can gut bacteria control your appetite?
  10. A battle within: how the immune system helps ‘good’ bacteria fight off ‘bad’ microbes in the gut


Happy 2017!