Between January 2010 and April 2015, 901 patients with CDI were identified, with a gradual increase over time (2010= 54 patients; 2011= 116 patients; 2012= 200 patients; 2013= 212 patients; 2014= 268 patients; January-April 2015= 71 patients). Thirty-five patients with severe cases underwent FMT: 7 in 2013, 16 in 2014, and 12 between January and April 2015.

Should we exclude obese donors from FMT?

6 Feb 2015

by Philippe Marteau

Neha Alang and Colleen R. Kelly recently reported that a patient who had received fecal microbiota transplantation (FMT) developed obesity (1).

Dr. James Versalovic, M.D., Ph.D, is the director of the Texas Children's Hospital Microbiome Center and head of the Pediatric Infectious Diseases Section. He is also a professor at Baylor College of Medicine. As the Gut Microbiota for Health expert on research tools, Dr. Versalovic spoke with

Ecological modeling of intestinal microbiota

25 Aug 2014

by GMFH Editing Team

Stein and colleagues describe in their study, published in PLOS computational biology, how time series can help to study dynamics of the microbiota. Moreover, unlike usual cross sectional studies which lack a mechanistic understanding of the ecosystem's structure and its

In a study published in Cancer Prevention Research, Dr. Patrick Schloss (University of Michigan) and his team found that the gut microbiome could enrich current methods of testing for colon cancer. The group characterized the gut microbiome from stool samples of

Tomas de Wouters on #GMFH2014 and the FMT workshop

7 May 2014

by GMFH Editing Team

Dr. Tomas de Wouters covered #GMFH2014 the Gut Microbiota for Health Summit which took place from March 8th to March 9th, 2014 in Miami. We have asked him his feedback on the event. You can follow Tomas here on and on Twitter @tdewouters.