Many questions arise when it comes to probiotics and gut microbiota. By what mechanisms of action can probiotics affect host health? What is the role of probiotics in preventing healthcare-associated infections? Do probiotics affect the intestinal barrier? The Gut Microbiota for Health publishing team has asked a selection of world-leading experts to weigh in on the answers, and we’re pleased to bring you the first of two summary documents covering important issues having to do with gut microbiota and probiotics.

The document below features an introduction from GMFH board member Dr. Mary Ellen Sanders, as well as exclusive GMFH content by Dr. Patrice Cani and others. The document is intended to serve as a key resource for health professionals and others who want to know the latest actionable scientific information in the field.

The scientific knowledge on probiotics is advancing very quickly—stay tuned for the second GMFH “best of probiotics” document, with an editorial by Dr. Giovanni Barbara, to be released in the coming weeks! And don’t forget to sign up for the GMFH newsletter so you’ll never miss our coverage of the latest studies and ideas in gut microbiota science.

Gut Microbiota & Probiotics “Best of”