The world’s leading experts in the area of research on gut microbiota met in Barcelona on 14th and 15th March to present the latest discoveries and discuss its importance for health and diet. The summit’s virtual press office has a range of material available for learning more about this exciting subject.


Information articles on current topics, including:


–      Breast milk: how to protect babies from illness
–      Treating autism: what’s good for the gut is good for the brain
–      Colon and liver cancer: improving prevention and treatment
       through microbiota research
–      Crohn’s Disease: gut microbial collaborations lead to inflammatory conditions
–      Nutrition and gut health: We are what we eat


This section also provides videos of interviews with some of the experts specialized in different topics, including the relationships between microbiota and diet and microbiota and illness. You will also find two fun educational resources for learning more about our gut microbiota:

  • An animation that uses infographics to help us get to know more about the importance of gut bacteria
  • A list of questions to test your knowledge about gut bacteria called The Gut Microbiota Test


Finally, for those of you who weren’t able to come to Barcelona or follow the event via streaming, you can check out the Plenary Sessions on demand, showing the main talks given at the summit.
We hope you enjoy this content and continue to learn about the exciting world of gut microbiota!