The end of the year is nearly here and it is time to look back on what has happened over the last 12 months. We at Gut Microbiota Worldwatch want to share one of our favourite traditions with you – the list of the year’s 10 most popular articles from our blog or, in other words, our Microbiotic Top 10!

After so many and such varied discoveries in the world of gut bacteria in 2015 and with more than 50 articles published on our blog, here is a list of the most successful posts.

We would like to extend our very best wishes to you for the coming year, in which we will continue to work hard to provide you with the latest and most exciting news about the wonderful world of the gut microbiota.


  1. Administering antibiotics to mothers during birth alters the microbiota of newborns
  2. How gut microbiota could play a key role in protecting the brain
  3. Nutrition, microbiota and gut health: we are what we eat
  4. An interview with Professor Hill: A healthy diet for a healthy gut microbiota
  5. Magnus Simrén: “Modifying gut microbiota can be a potential strategy for treating IBS”
  6. Microbes with the blues? Gut microbiota may be linked to depression
  7. Some indigenous people from the Amazon have the richest and most diverse microbiota ever recorded in humans
  8. Can modified gut bacteria solve the obesity problem?
  9. Rob Knight: How our microbes make us who we are
  10. “You’re not what you think you are”, a video about our gut bacteria


Happy 2016!