Lists and rankings are always useful. To celebrate the arrival of the New Year, we want to share with you the list of the ten most read articles from our blog during 2014, our personal Top 10!

We hope the New Year brings us new and exciting discoveries about the universe of intestinal bacteria to share with you. Look after your gut microbiota and… Happy 2015!

1. World Digestive Health Day: 2014 – A video to understand the importance of gut bacteria

2. Seasonal diet changes affect the composition of our gut microbiota

3. Melancholic microbes or how the microbiota can affect our mood

4. Drastic changes in diet can modify microbiota content in less than a week

5. Gut microbes make dark chocolate healthy

6. Exercise and associated dietary habits may boost gut microbiota diversity

7. Irritable Bowel Syndrome: when the gut microbiota gets out of balance

8. Some gut bacteria may help reinforce the digestive barrier and reduce food allergies

9. Studies uncover 500 “hidden” microbes in the gut

10. Seth Bordenstein, Joël Doré, Paul Enck: a three-voice debate about gut microbiota research