With 2019 just around the corner, we have taken a moment to look back over the year gone by and consider how much great progress was made in gut microbiota research in 2018. With more than 50 articles published on our platform over the past 12 months discussing these achievements and outcomes, it now gives the GMFH publishing team great pleasure to release our list of the Gut Microbiota for Health News Watch section’s Top 10 Most Popular Articles in 2018!

  1. Scientists discover a possible link between gut microbiota and autoimmune diseases (4,867 page visits)
  2. New Gut Microbiota for Health infographic on Bifidobacteria, the gut microbiota “health hero” (4,595 page visits)
  3. Video: “Meet Your Microbiome”, an educational tool to learn about gut microbiota (3,508 page visits)
  4. New Gut Microbiota for Health infographic on fermented foods and gut microbiota (3,422 page visits)
  5. The future of nutrition is personalized, and gut microbiota will help us get there (2,857 page visits)
  6. Video: ‘Charming bowels’ – TEDx Talk by Giulia Enders (2,806 page visits)
  7. Video: What’s the Link between Gut Microbiota & the Brain? (2,479 page visits)
  8. Video: How does the food you eat affect your gut? A TED-ed lesson from Shilpa Ravella (2,424 page visits)
  9. Oral bacteria in the gut might be able to trigger bowel diseases (2,352 page visits)
  10. New research on how tryptophan plus a specific gut microbe might help dampen inflammation (2,219 page visits)

We would like to extend our very best wishes for the coming year to all our readers and we encourage you all to join us in 2019 —whether as first-time visitors or long-time fans of the site—so you can keep up-to-date with the latest news on the fascinating world of gut microbiota.

Happy new year!