The Gut Microbiota for Health team is happy to present the replay of the plenary sessions from the 9th Gut Microbiota for Health Summit held in Madrid on March 7-8, 2020.

Welcome and Day 1 kickoff – Harry Sokol and Francisco Guarner

Keynote lecture: Translating microbiome science – Replacing roadblocks with roadmaps, by Colin Hill

Plenary session 1: Dietary factors shaping the gut microbiome, with Francisco Guarner as moderator.

  • Fermented foods, probiotics and prebiotics in the era of microbiome science, by Kevin Whelan.
  • Effect of plant-based diet on gut microbiota, by Hana Kahleova

Plenary session 2: Microbiome as orchestrator of the immune system, with Dirk Haller as moderator.

  • Maternal Microbiome shaping the immune system of infant, by Kathy McCoy
  • Long term consequences of early life imprinting by the gut microbiota, by Gérard Eberl
  • Microbiome modulation of immune system in IBD, by Harry Sokol


Day 2 kickoff – Harry Sokol

Plenary session 3: Moving microbiome to the clinic, with Purna Kashyap as moderator.

  • Serotonin and gut microbiota, by Jonathan Lynch
  • Profiling the human-microbiome symbiosis; how far are we from clinical applications?, by Joël Doré

Plenary session 4: Microbiome-drug interactions, with Francisco Guarner as moderator.

  • The influence of proton pump inhibitors and other commonly used drugs on the gut microbiota, by Rinse J. Weersma
  • Impact of non-antibiotic drugs on the gut microbiota, by Athanasios Typas – Live video talk

Closing remarks with Harry Sokol and Francisco Guarner.

See here for the GMFH World Summit’s plenary sessions replay. 

We hope you’ll enjoy this unique educational experience focused on gut microbiota science!