red_wineHow many times have you heard that drinking a daily glass of red wine is good for your health? Thanks to a research done by Spanish group of scientists; we now know that a moderate intake of red wine could also be good for your gut microbiota. Results from this research were published at the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Specifically, this Spanish study explored if polyphenols from red wine can have a prebiotic effect, beneficial for the development of intestinal bacteria. Polyphenols are natural compounds found in a variety of foods and beverages, like red grapes, tea, coffee, chocolate and some nuts. It was the first time that polyphenols from wine were analyzed to assess its effect on gut microbiota.

Results of this investigation showed that a daily intake of one glass (about 9 ounces or 0,25 liters) of red wine changed the mix of good and bad bacteria in gut microbiota. These changes were due to the polyphenols found in the wine, which had a prebiotic effect, allowing the development of selected beneficial bacterial species key for a balanced gut microbiota.

“This study was the first to show that regular, moderate consumption of red wine could have a noteworthy effect on the growth of select gut microbiota”, the researchers conclude.

In addition to its positive effects on gut microbiota, red wine also showed to have a beneficial impact on cholesterol and triglycerides levels and blood pressure.

You can read a review and more details of the study at the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.  Remember to drink with moderation. Cheers!