How the gut microbiota can relate to preventing and treating obesity and what are the potential gut microbiota targets in gluten-related disorders were the key subjects discussed in the workshop on nutrition organized by GMFH during the Gut Microbiota for Health World Summit 2018, held in Rome on March 10 and 11.

The workshop, called ‘Gut microbiota targets in nutrition’, which was addressed to experts and healthcare practitioners specializing in nutrition and gastrointestinal disorders, featured Dr. Karine Clément as chair and Dr. Elena Verdú and Dr. Hervé Blottière as speakers.

Dr. Elena Verdú, Associate Professor at McMaster University (Canada), summarized the current evidence for altered gut microbiota composition in coeliac disease (CD). Meanwhile, Dr. Hervé Blottière, Director of Research at INRA, the French National Research Institute for Agricultural and Food Research, gave a critical overview of the gut microbiota and gut-targeted therapies in preventing and treating obesity.

The official report of this specific workshop is now available in this link!


You can also check out the full conference report from the GMFH World Summit 2018.