Don’t you get the impression that everyone is talking about gut microbiota these days? How it can contribute to our health, why it’s important for our immune system… Google searches are on the rise for topics such as “gut health” and “food to boost immune system”. But there is also a lot of misinformation out there and it is not always easy to tell if what you are reading is reliable.

Since our platform was launched in 2012, one of our goals has been to raise awareness and share information about gut microbiota and its importance for health and quality of life. In today’s challenging context, with COVID-19 affecting every aspect of our lives, we believe our platform has an important role to play. Added to that, two key dates will soon mark the important role gut microbiota plays in human health.

First, on May 29, World Digestive Health Day 2020, promoted by the World Gastroenterology Organization (WGO), will be devoted to the gut microbiome. As WGO explains on its website, the WDHD’s goal this year is to raise awareness about the gut microbiome’s potential role in diagnosis and how it can be modulated to prevent and treat disease and allay symptoms.

Then, on June 27, World Microbiome Day 2020 will be celebrated under the theme ‘Diversity Matters’. The aim of this annual event is to increase recognition of the diverse world of microbiomes and its effect, not only on human health, but on animal and environmental health as well.

Over the coming months, the GMFH team will be sharing the best content about gut microbiota, gut health, the immune system and diet and nutrition with you. We have some surprises! From video interviews with experts to infographics and special content on our blog and social networks. As gut health warriors, dietitians will also play an important role in our campaign. The campaign will be active on our site and via our social media profiles from now until the end of June. So make sure you join the conversation by following the campaign hashtag #GutToKnowYou.

It’s time to say #GutToKnowYou to your gut microbiota! Are you in?