Dear GMFH friends,

We would like to share some exciting news with you. We are happy to announce the launch of the new Gut Microbiota for Health website! After several months of hard work and dedication, we are delighted to officially announce the release of our new home page today.

Launched in 2012, the Gut Microbiota for Health Experts Exchange platform has grown since then extending its community of health professionals and scientists. The European Society of Neurogastroenterology and Motility (ESNM) promotes this online community with the aim of sharing the latest news and research about gut microbiota and promoting debate about its role and importance in health and disease.

The new platform is the outcome of the unification of the Gut Microbiota Worldwatch platform with the Gut Microbiota for Health Experts Exchange community. Our Internet address does not change, so you will continue to find our content at This integration gives rise to the largest and most established network of information rp-monand debate about gut microbiota. The number of followers and resources on both platforms have been growing since 2012 and we currently have more than 15,000 members worldwide.

Our new platform is designed with a fresh new look and user-friendly navigation and also includes noticeable changes, including a new logo.

Despite all these new developments, most of the content published to date remains available. The accuracy and truthfulness of our new platform also stays unchanged as content is backed by a group of leading experts in the field of gut microbiota. Furthermore, you will continue to find the same kind of content you have been reading for the last 4 years: study descriptions, papers and reviews, interviews with experts, etc.


The key sections on the new website are:


  • The “Gut Microbiota Research & Practice” section, which has come from the previous Gut Microbiota for Health Experts Exchange platform. It contains articles covering scientific debate, news and innovation for experts and specialist audiences in the field of gut microbiota. The titles of the content in this section ise marked in blue.


  • The “Gut Microbiota News Watch” section offers a range of content, including news, interviews, book reviews, videos and infographics about gut microbiota for a non-scientific audience. The content in this section ise marked in green.


  • The “Events” section includes upcoming events related to the field of microbiota science.


  • Resources” and “Media Centre” are two new sections where you will find great gut microbiota pieces, including videos, infographics, interviews, etc.


rp-manzanaIn addition, you can also browse the website according to topics: gut microbiota, metabolic conditions, digestive health, gut brain axis, immune health, nutrition, probiotics and pregnancy & rp-mailearly life.

If you signed-up to our newsletter, you will continue to receive it twice a month, with the most relevant scientific content, resources and events from the platform.

To celebrate this news, we have also created a LinkedIn page, which will allow us to keep our community up-to-date with the recent advances in gut microbiota and prebiotic and probiotic sciences.

We are sure you will enjoy our new “home” and we look forward to exchanging information and communicating with you. And don’t forget that we are open to receiving suggestions and collaborations from clinicians and researchers.

Last, but not least, our social media platforms remain unchanged! You can find us on Twitter, Youtube, Google + and now also on LinkedIn. Follow us, share our content and do not hesitate to let us know if there is any particular topic we should write about.


Thank you for your trust and interest in our content!


The GMFH Publishing Team