Nutrition is key for gut health and general health as well. The term ‘gut health’ has become increasingly popular. More than just a positive gut feeling, gut health is increasingly recognized in the Western world as a desirable aim and an important physiological condition required for overall good health.

Gut health covers multiple positive aspects of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract, such as effective digestion and absorption of food, the absence of GI illness, normal and stable intestinal microbiota, effective immune status and a state of well-being. Methods of assessing, improving and maintaining gut health-related GI functions are of major interest in preventive medicine (including diet and nutrition).

The upgraded version of the GMFH website includes a new section, Food 4 Gut Health, dedicated to promoting the role of food in gut function

The information available about gut microbiota and gut health (including the role of diet) is constantly growing, but it’s difficult to discriminate fake news from science-based evidence. As a consumer, it’s easy to get confused and frustrated with contradictory messages and advice. And as a healthcare professional, it’s difficult to stay up-to-date with microbiota science (and related topics) and research.

Dietitians are key figures when it comes to translating science into daily practice and becoming gut health ambassadors. They have the expertise to take scientific evidence and translate it into practical everyday guidance to improve patients’ diet and lifestyle. But they need to stay updated.

With that in mind, our upgraded GMFH website includes a new section called Food 4 Gut Health, which promotes the role of food in gut function among dietitians, healthcare professionals and gut health advocates. With the aim of sparking new conversations around about diet, nutrition and gut health, we have also released the new Instagram account @Food4Gut_Health.

This short video gives you a complete overview of the new website and the related digital ecosystem.

With our new website, GMFH is more committed than ever to providing information on gut microbiota, its role in health and how diet and nutrition can affect it. And all of this is built on clear principles of scientific accuracy, clarity and fact-checking.