It’s already been five years since the Gut Microbiota for Health team came together with a mission to share knowledge about gut microbiota science with scientists, healthcare professionals, and the wider world!

In 2012, the European Society of Neurogastroenterology and Motility (member of United European Gastroenterology) created a Gut Microbiota & Health section with a mission to increase recognition of the links between gut microbiota and human health. The section, comprised of European experts in the field and open to international scientists, began organizing its first annual event and creating a digital platform to track this fast-moving field of science.

The yearly GMFH World Summit is the premier gathering of experts in the field of gut microbiota. The 7th edition will take place in March 2018 in Rome.

Supported by a digital scientific board of experts, the website addresses two audiences: 1) experts and health professionals (Gut Microbiota Research & Practice) and 2) the general public (Gut Microbiota News Watch, published in English, French, and Spanish).

Trusted, award-winning resources

The GMFH team has developed a collection of articles and other resources trusted by readers around the world. Not only has the GMFH website been the recipient of three digital awards, but its science-based resources are frequently seen in presentations and in the media. Check out the infographic detailing our key achievements and providing an overview of what GMFH looks like today. We have continually worked to share knowledge and promote debate around human gut microbiota—and we’re not stopping now!

Watch for a series of new GMFH online resources to be released throughout the following months, both on our blog and via our social media channels. Stay tuned & follow #GMFH5years to find out more!