Public awareness about the importance of the gut microbiota is growing, but many nutrition professionals struggle to know how to incorporate findings from gut microbiota science into their practice. In a rapidly-progressing field, what should clinicians know about how gut microbes and diet interact to produce different health outcomes?

At the 2017 Gut Microbiota for Health World Summit in Paris on March 11th and 12th, Dr. Elena Verdú, Associate Professor at McMaster University (Canada) chaired a special workshop for registered dietitians and physicians specializing in nutrition and gastrointestinal disorders. The workshop —called “Nutrition and the human gut microbiome: What should health professionals know for their daily practice?”— addressed issues and questions relevant to nutrition practice.

The official report of this clinically-oriented session is now available! See below or download it at this link.

The full conference report from the GMFH World Summit 2017 is available here.


GMFH 2017 Report on Nutrition and Gut Microbiota