Dr. Philippe Sansonetti, current chair of microbiology and infectious diseases at Collège de France, hosted a Microbiome and Nutrition symposium in June, 2014. At the event, esteemed researchers exchanged ideas and presented microbiome research from all over the world.

As one speaker described the symposium, “[It] was organized with the idea in mind to gather experts in the area of microbiome, nutrition and metabolism to give open lectures which are free to the public. The speakers also got to interact together through lunches and a dinner, as well as a brainstorming session on the final day to discuss where the microbiome field is headed research-wise.”

The Gut Microbiota for Health publishing team is pleased to provide highlights from this prestigious event through interviews with some of the speakers:

Paul O’Toole, University College Cork, Ireland

Eric Brown, University of British Columbia, Canada

We also present an interview with Sansonetti himself.