For the last 10 years, we have seen how research around gut microbiota has grown and advanced as scientists continue to shed light on the subject and reveal its importance for gut and overall health.

In 2021, we addressed a wide variety of topics, from the much-mentioned gut-brain axis and the relevance of diet and its quality for good gut health, to the potential role of intestinal bacteria in combatting obesity or inflammation. And that’s just for starters…

Through our different sections—News Watch for the lay public and Food 4 Gut Health for dietitians and gut health enthusiasts—we have shared more than 20 articles, ensuring visibility for new discoveries and translating science into clear and easy-to-understand language. Moreover, on International Celiac Day, together with GMFH scientific committee member Dr Elena Verdú, we joined the conversation to raise awareness of a disease that affects 1 in 100 people worldwide.

With all that in mind, it gives the GMFH publishing team great pleasure to share our 10 most popular Gut Microbiota for Health articles in 2021.

  1. How brain health affects gut microbiota health (and vice versa): What we have learned in 2020
  2. Long term diet may affect the inflammatory effects of the gut microbiome more than specific foods alone
  3. Is healthy aging and increased longevity connected to the gut microbiome?
  4. A new gut bacterium common in healthy people offers promise for obesity
  5. A healthy gut for a healthy heart: a 10-year study looks at the gut-heart connection
  6. Could dead microorganisms or their components promote health? Is it time for postbiotics?
  7. Mediterranean diet: why would it be beneficial for the elderly?
  8. Why the quality of your diet is the best recipe for a healthier gut microbiota and better health
  9. Synbiotics: more than simply a probiotic-prebiotic combination
  10. Gut microbiota disturbance following antibiotic use at an early age is associated with behavioral disorders in infants

Is your favorite on the list? We want to thank everyone for choosing us once again as a reliable source for learning about the advances in the field of intestinal microbiota. We also take the opportunity to invite you all to join us in 2022, a very special year for us, because the GMFH platform will be celebrating its 10th anniversary!

Enjoy a happy and gut-friendly 2022!