In his thought-provoking TEDx AgroParisTech talk, “Plaidoyer pour l’humain microbien: une zone à défendre” (Plea for the microbial human: a zone to be protected), GMFH co-chair Joël Doré, a microbiologist with almost 40 years of experience studying the gut microbiota, passionately emphasizes the urgent need to protect the human microbiome.

The talk begins with a powerful statement as Joël Doré takes the role of advocate of the microbiota: ““My client, the microbiota, seeks recognition of the aggressions to which it has been subjected over three human generations. While it is us, we are it, and our daily concern should be to build a friendly and harmonious relationship.” With that, Doré sets the stage for an engaging discussion about the importance of our microbial world.

Throughout the presentation, Doré highlights the critical role gut bacteria play in human health. From regulating the immune system to influencing metabolism and mental well-being, the gut microbiota is a vital component of overall well-being. By extension, that means we must continue to respond to the challenges our gut microbiota, but also all microbes do face, whether social, dietary or environmental, if we wish to ensure the sustainability of all living things and the planet we inhabit.

The research on the microbiome holds great promise, including the development of personalized medicine tailored to individual microbiome profiles. Indeed, Doré emphasizes the significance of this research, not only for human health but for the harmony and balance of our ecosystem.

To learn more about the fascinating world of the microbiome and the urgent need to protect it, we invite you to watch the full presentation. Although the talk is in French, you can activate automatic subtitles in English to follow Doré’s argument.