The GMFH Scientific Committee invites authors to submit abstracts for their Poster Presentation during the Summit, on basic and clinical research on Gut Microbiota & Health: Gut Microbiota & Diseases (gastrointestinal and liver diseases, metabolic disorders, etc.), clinical applications, immune functions, mechanisms of action, diet (probiotics & prebiotics)


• Abstract Submission Deadline for Poster Presentations: January 26, 2018
Please send yours to
• Acceptance Notification: February 9, 2018
Abstracts will be reviewed and scored by the Scientific Committee


Submission Guidelines

Abstract contents

  • TITLE IN UPPER CASE: 15 words maximum, in capitals and bold letters.
  • AUTHORS’ NAMES: main author/presenter must be underlined.
  • AFFILIATIONS of the authors must be included.
  • KEYWORDS: 5 keywords maximum.
  • Structure the body of text using the following headings: Objectives, Methods, Results and Conclusion.
  • Please submit 2 documents: the full abstract and a second copy without authors and affiliations (TITLE and body of text only).
  • The body of text may not be longer than 350 WORDS.
  • Do not include the TITLE or author in the body of the abstract.


Abstract format

  • Abstracts must be written in English.
  • The document must be compatible with Microsoft Word 2010 format, using Arial font 12 pt.
  • The text must be left-justified and with no blank spaces between the lines or paragraphs.
  • Only standardised abbreviations will be allowed. Any abbreviation should be explained in brackets, the first time it appears in the text. Please write microbial or bacteriological names in italics.


Abstract presentation

Posters: You will be informed on the size of the poster boards after the acceptance of your abstract.
The posters will be on display throughout the Summit.

The posters will be on display throughout the summit.



If your abstract is accepted, you must register no later than February 16, 2018.
If you do not register by this date, your abstract will not be included in any GMFH print or the official abstract book.