GMFH: one year at a glance

One year at a glance is the compilation of the most relevant and popular content on gut microbiota as published on the GMFH website.


The topic is rapidly growing across all fields of expertise and questions it raises are endless. It seems that hardly a day goes without gut microbiota being related to the health status (enterotypes, second genotype, ageing), conditions (metabolic diseases, cancer, IBD, IBS), behaviour (gut-brain axis, autism, stress), nutrition (diet, probiotics, prebiotics). The multiplication of its possible implications also happens at a time when techniques are rapidly evolving (high throughput sequencing, bioinformatics and big data analysis, quantitative and functional metagenomics). In order to best capture the scientific enthusiasm on gut microbiota, we have pulled together topics on the above mentioned themes in a “Year at a Glance” report that you can download read and download below.


First you will find out more about the Gut Microbiota for Health initiative. An interview with Prof. Paul Enck, our Head of Publishing, gives clear directions to the initiative and expresses his wishes for its future. Then you will find content specifically written by renowned members of our scientific board. They comment on papers of their choice and offer you a perspective on each study. Finally we listed topics that were the most popular in this past year on Popular means that those topics received particular attention on our website and visitors shared them on the web.


What are our wishes for you? Well, we wish everyone a happy end of the year and hope to further exchange with you on!

Follow this link to download One Year at a Glance as a pdf document

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