From a GMFH Summit to the next one

Almost a year ago, we were at the Gut Microbiota for Health Summit in Madrid (March 2013). The event gathered many lead experts across gut microbiota-related topics. We then made interviews with some of the speakers and decided to pull their answers together to get an overview on the field. We are excited with the upcoming edition of the Gut Microbiota for Health Summit that will take place next March in Miami and look forward to even richer content to share with you!


Film 1:Which discovery in the field of gut microbiota had more impact on science and medicine in the recent years?



Film 2: What are the limits to your work today? – What do you need to go beyond those limits?



Film 3: What is your opinion on clinical research today? Is there a need for some consortium approaches or smaller targeted studies?



Film 4: What is your opinion on the therapeutic uses of gut microbiota?



Film 5: Translational research in the field of gut microbiota: how to facilitate relationships between researchers and clinicians?


GMFH Editing Team
GMFH Editing Team