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Why is everybody talking about gut microbiota?

28 Jun 2018 @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm CEST

Research regarding the gut microbiota has exploded and it is one of the hottest emerging health topics.

No longer simply a digestive organ, the gut and its microbiota has now been revealed as having a role in metabolism, immunity and even behaviour. Research has also revealed the dynamic nature of our gut microbiota over the lifespan – with composition changes post-partum and changes influenced by the environment, stress, diet, health status and medication.

But what do we really know and what remains to be explored?

Find out more about this exciting area in this free lunchtime webinar:

Why is everybody talking about gut microbiota?
1 – 2pm (BST) Thurs 28th June 2018

This free webinar aims to increase our understanding of the gut-brain axis and the evidence for the role of gut microbiota in metabolic health and immunity. World renowned experts will be speaking in the programme including:

  • Professor Ian Rowland (University of Reading)
  • Professor Ted Dinan (University College Cork)
  • Professor Glenn Gibson (University of Reading) 

Register today to join the webinar live on the 28th June 2018 or to watch it at a later date.