2015 at a Glance! The best of gut microbiota science in 2015!

Gut Microbiota for Health is pleased to bring you its “Year at a Glance 2015” document, which covers the important developments in gut microbiota science in 2015! In a field that moves forward so rapidly, it can be difficult to stay abreast of all the scientific findings; in this document we offer you an overview of key concepts, along with the resources you need to find out more.


at a glance


Kristina Campbell
Kristina Campbell
Science writer Kristina Campbell (M.Sc.), from British Columbia (Canada), specializes in communicating about the gut microbiota, digestive health, and nutrition. Author of the best selling Well-Fed Microbiome Cookbook, her freelance work has appeared in publications around the world. Kristina joined the Gut Microbiota for Health publishing team in 2014.  Find her on: GoogleTwitter