The last 8th Gut Microbiota for Health World Summit hold in Miami in March updated the science behind gut microbiota and diet, probiotics, functional gastrointestinal disorders and metabolic and liver conditions. Check out here the Summit’s official report.

2018 has allowed a better understanding of environment-host-microbiome interactions in shaping health and disease. We’re pleased to present the new “Year at a Glance 2018” document, which summarizes the relevant advances in gut microbiota science 2018.

Western diets high in fats and sugars, modern lifestyles with stress and sedentarism and the indiscriminate use of antibiotics together with other frequently prescribed drugs -such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and proton pump inhibitors- are major drivers of changes in microbiota composition and gut barrier disruption. (Dr. Maria Rescigno)

  How the gut microbiota can relate to preventing and treating obesity and what are the potential gut microbiota targets in gluten-related disorders were the key subjects discussed in the workshop on nutrition organized by GMFH during the Gut Microbiota

Over 300 researchers, physicians, dietitians and other healthcare professionals gathered in Rome (Italy), last March, for the 7th edition of the Gut Microbiota for Health World Summit 2018. They discussed the latest developments in the field of gut microbiota and