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First study in humans to demonstrate impact of probiotics on brain responses to an emotional reactivity task — online press conference at 2nd World Summit “Gut Microbiota For Health” held tomorrow (25 February 2013) The intake of probiotics has a

The gut microbiota has an essential role in stimulating the development and maintenance of the intestinal immune system – in fact, without the gut microbiome the human body would be unable to protect its health from being affected by all

Inflammation-associated enterotypes

5 Feb 2013

by GMFH Editing Team

Scientists from Brussels University noticed recently in a recent published article that enterotypes could be found also in mice model whatever the genetic background. Although genetic and environmental factor have to be taken in account during any experiment with mice,

Gut Summit 2013 on the Web

4 Feb 2013

by GMFH Editing Team

The Second World Summit Gut Microbiota for Health took place in Madrid from the 24th til the 26th of February 2013. In case you weren't able to be present at the time of the summit, we have brought its content

Gut bacteria may affect cardiovascular risk

31 Dec 2012

by GMFH Editing Team

Though atherosclerosis is an artery problem, microscopic denizens of the intestines may play a surprising role in how the disease plays out. A new study suggests that different mixes of intestinal microbes may determine whether people will have heart attacks

The human gut microbiome: our second genotype

6 Dec 2012

by GMFH Editing Team

EMBL Heidelberg and Washington University scientists Peer Bork and George Weinstock respectively deciphered for the first time the genotype of gut microbiota using metagenomics data. Europeans and North American dataset respectively available from MetaHIT and HMP project were analyzed using

(This report can be downloaded for free as a PDF.) One of the most intimate relationships that our body has with the outside world is through our gut. Our gastrointestinal tracts harbor a vast and still largely unexplored microbial world