The International Scientific Association for Probiotics and Prebiotics, in its 15th year, held its 2016 Annual Meeting June 7th to 9th in Turku, Finland. Prof. Seppo Salminen, who has more publications on probiotics than any other researcher globally, was the local

A Clear Probiotic Definition by Mary Ellen Sanders

29 Apr 2016

by Mary Ellen Sanders

On the second day of the 2016 GMFH meeting, several speakers addressed the topic of the definition of probiotics. To my surprise, some of the speakers seemed to be unclear about the definition of a probiotic.

Childhood undernutrition affects millions of children worldwide and has long-term severe effects, which include stunted growth and impaired cognitive development, among others. A recent study, led by Dr. Jeffrey Gordon from the Centre for Genome Sciences and Systems Biology at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis (USA), found that gut bacteria could be considered a useful tool for ameliorating the harmful side effects of malnutrition in mice.

Authors of this paper attempted a meta-analysis of 56 studies on single-strain and multi-strain probiotics for the treatment of IBS, but trials were so heterogeneous when it came to probiotic concentration, duration of treatment, and methodology, that the meta-analysis was abandoned.

Some bacteria transfer from mother to child

18 Sep 2015

by Kristina Campbell

One of the probiotic strains was recovered in the stool of the children at 10 days and 3 months of age, but there were no differences between the gut microbiota of the children in the control group and those in the probiotic group at 1 and 2 years of age.