Dr. Gail Hecht is Professor of Medicine and Microbiology/Immunology, and Chief, Gastroenterology and Nutrition, at Loyola University Chicago. She serves as Editor-in-Chief of the journal Gut Microbes, published by Landes Bioscience. Dr. Gail Hecht, Professor of Medicine and Microbiology/Immunology, and

Philippe de Timary, MD., Ph.D., is a researcher and psychiatrist in the department of Adult Psychiatry and Institute of Neuroscience at Catholic University of Louvain and Hospital Saint-Luc in Brussels, Belgium. With a colleague, Professor Peter Starkel, he opened a clinical unit in the hospital

Dr. Jonathan Braun (MD, PhD) is a physician and researcher interested in how the immune system affects susceptibility to inflammatory bowel disease and cancer. He studies, among other things, microbial-immune commensalism in the intestine, and new strategies in functional immune

TH17 (T helper 17) has emerged as a novel potential therapeutic agent for the control of intestinal inflammatory conditions. These cells are most abundant in the small intestinal lamina propris. IL-17 (Interleukin 17A) expressing CD4+T lymphocytes (Th17) cells naturally reside

Since 2013, thousands of people have been voluntarily sending samples of microbes from their bodies to the laboratory of Dr. Rob Knight in Boulder, Colorado. The samples are analyzed as part of the American Gut project, a citizen science endeavor

The American Microbiome Institute (AMI), established in 2013, is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to advance microbiome science and education. William Bonificio and David McKeon, the co-founders and co-CEOs, have assembled a scientific advisory board that includes Martin Blaser, Rob Knight, and

My name is Demian Herrera and I’m a paediatrician, working right now in private consult and as a teacher for paediatrics for medical students and physiology and biochemistry for odontology students; I have a passion for the intestinal microbiome and