Lawrence and colleagues tracked two subjects' microbiota over a year, collecting 800 fecal and saliva samples associated with 10,000 longitudinal measurements. They first highlighted the evidence for long-term, overall community stability, as differences between individuals were much larger than variation within

In a study published in Cancer Prevention Research, Dr. Patrick Schloss (University of Michigan) and his team found that the gut microbiome could enrich current methods of testing for colon cancer. The group characterized the gut microbiome from stool samples of

Two papers were recently published in Nature Biotechnology, both on the topic of finding out the content of gut microbiota samples. The Gut Microbiota for Health website previously covered both selections: The paper authored by Li et al. presented an updated collection

Prof. Patrice Cani, of Belgium’s Université catholique de Louvain, is involved in the Metabolism and Nutrition research group of the Louvain Drug Research Institute. He investigates the role of the gut microbiota in the development of metabolic disorders: obesity, type

Dr. Stephen Collins is a gastroenterologist and a researcher at McMaster University in Canada. Collins’ recent studies on the functional relevance of the gut microbiota, in collaboration with Dr. R. DePalma & Dr. P. Bercik, were recently presented at the

A Nature Medicine paper by Hitesh S Deshmukh and colleagues from the Division of Neonatology, Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia, Pennsilvania, USA reports an important aspect to the use of antibiotics in the integrity of the immune system in the newborn.

At the occasion of the "New therapies in coeliac disease" conference hosted by Columbia University in New-York on March 20, 2014, Dr. Elena Verdú, our expert in Nutrition, is sharing with us the last trends in research in the field of

Dr Tom van den Bogert focused his research on small intestinal microbiota combining cutting edge omics method like metagenomics. He accepted to give us more detailed information about his work conducted in TIFN framework. We advise our readers to follow him on