Gut microbiota in Parkinson’s disease

27 Dec 2014

by Filip Scheperjans

I participated in the "Targeting microbiota" congress at Pasteur Institute because I considered the topics discussed very interesting and relevant to my research. For me microbiome conferences are still a rather foreign territory, but I very much like to talk

Dr. Gail Hecht is Professor of Medicine and Microbiology/Immunology, and Chief, Gastroenterology and Nutrition, at Loyola University Chicago. She serves as Editor-in-Chief of the journal Gut Microbes, published by Landes Bioscience. Dr. Gail Hecht, Professor of Medicine and Microbiology/Immunology, and

Philippe de Timary, MD., Ph.D., is a researcher and psychiatrist in the department of Adult Psychiatry and Institute of Neuroscience at Catholic University of Louvain and Hospital Saint-Luc in Brussels, Belgium. With a colleague, Professor Peter Starkel, he opened a clinical unit in the hospital

Dr. Jonathan Braun (MD, PhD) is a physician and researcher interested in how the immune system affects susceptibility to inflammatory bowel disease and cancer. He studies, among other things, microbial-immune commensalism in the intestine, and new strategies in functional immune

My name is Demian Herrera and I’m a paediatrician, working right now in private consult and as a teacher for paediatrics for medical students and physiology and biochemistry for odontology students; I have a passion for the intestinal microbiome and

The 2nd congress on targeting microbiota was held at Institut Pasteur in Paris on October 16-17, 2014. Professor Marvin Edeas, chairman of the scientific committee, warned the attendees about avoiding speculation where the challenge might be prevention instead of finding treatment.