Your microbiome is like a unique fingerprint

1 Jul 2015

by GMFH Editing Team

The more than 100 trillion microbes we host - the human microbiota - can identify us as individuals much like a fingerprint, a new study by Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health reveals.

As we explained in one of the first posts on this blog, the American  National Institutesof Health (NIH) launched a five-year initiative in 2008 aimed at studying the ins and outs of the human microbiome to “characterize microbial communities found

The new generation of gut microbiota research

3 Jan 2013

by GMFH Editing Team

Great projects such as Human Microbiome Project and MetaHIT have arrived to the end in the last two years, but it doesn’t mean research on gut microbiota stops. A second generation of studies has started, evidencing the relevance of this