It is often said that “we are what we eat” and, as research into the relationship between diet and the gut microbiota progresses, the expression becomes even more meaningful. It is well known that a diet rich in live cultures

“You are not human, you are a walking bacterial colony,” says the Belgian researcher Jeroen Raes, from the Flanders Institute of Biology, in this video from TEDxBrussels. Raes discusses issues that go from the gut microbiota’s size to its functions,

Gastric bypass surgery has been revealed as an effective method for fighting morbid obesity, as this kind of intervention usually leads to a significant weight loss. Until now, scientists were not aware of the important role of the gut microbiota

In spite of being a technique that professionals began to practice and research decades ago, gut microbiota transplantation is an issue that is sparking considerable interest right now as a possible treatment for infections of the intestine (especially those produced

The type of birth (vaginal delivery or C-section) affects the development of gut microbiota in newborns and may affect their health later in life, according to a study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal. Canadian researchers studied the development

Workshops at the GMFH 2013

17 May 2013

by GMFH Editing Team

We have composed short summaries of the workshops that were organized during the Gut Microbiota for Health Summit (Madrid, February 2013).   Here is the list of workshops: “Gut Microbiota and functional bowel disorders” “Gut Microbiota and brain function” “Probiotics

Professor of Medical Microbiology Graham Rook, from UCL (University College London), explains in this video the “surprisingly close” relationship between gut microbiota and the immune system. Prof. Rook, who was interviewed during the 2nd Gut Microbiota and Health Summit, compares