A new study from the universities of Harvard and Duke (USA) recently published in Nature has cleared up any doubts by proving that if we go from an omnivore to an exclusively vegetarian diet or to another diet only containing animal products, the composition and activity of our microbiota (previously called ‘gut flora’) – may quickly change.

Transferring microbes from the colon of a mouse with a colorectal tumour to a healthy mouse means the latter will also develop cancer, according to a study recently published in mBio® by Zackular JP  et al., the open access journal of

We have already explained that the bacteria that inhabit the digestive tract – the gut microbiota – carry out key functions in terms of people’s health. Among these tasks, this “organ” (as described by some scientists) plays an essential role

It is often said that “we are what we eat” and, as research into the relationship between diet and the gut microbiota progresses, the expression becomes even more meaningful. It is well known that a diet rich in live cultures

Gastric bypass surgery has been revealed as an effective method for fighting morbid obesity, as this kind of intervention usually leads to a significant weight loss. Until now, scientists were not aware of the important role of the gut microbiota