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Science writer Kristina Campbell (M.Sc.), from British Columbia (Canada), specializes in communicating about the gut microbiota, digestive health, and nutrition. Author of the best selling Well-Fed Microbiome Cookbook, her freelance work has appeared in publications around the world. Kristina joined the Gut Microbiota for Health publishing team in 2014.  Find her on: GoogleTwitter

In a study published in Cancer Prevention Research, Dr. Patrick Schloss (University of Michigan) and his team found that the gut microbiome could enrich current methods of testing for colon cancer. The group characterized the gut microbiome from stool samples of

What effect does probiotic consumption have on blood pressure?   This was the question that a systematic review in Hypertension set out to answer. Several databases were analysed, and publications were included if they met established criteria previously determined by

Two papers were recently published in Nature Biotechnology, both on the topic of finding out the content of gut microbiota samples. The Gut Microbiota for Health website previously covered both selections: The paper authored by Li et al. presented an updated collection

This research article published in Nature Biotechnology introduced a new method of segregating human gut metagenomics data into specific biological entities (e.g. microbial species or viruses) without the need for reference sequences.   Nielsen and collaborators developed a method based on

This article in Nature Communications addressed the much-debated issue of microbiota stability over time. The idea of a "tipping element" is a hat tip to the field of climate change research, where it means a threshold at which a small perturbation

Eric Brown, Ph.D., of the University of British Columbia (Canada) recently gave a seminar as part of the Collège de France symposium: The Impact of Malnutrition on Host-Microbial Interactions in the Small Intestine. Afterward, he took the time to answer