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Nature Reviews : Focus On Gut Microbiota

Written on October 10 2012 at 3:58 PM

By Julien Tap

in Gut microbiota
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2 Minutes read

Published in October 2012, Nature Reviews Gastroenterology and Hepatology focuses on gut microbiota pictured by several research highlight. You can find the issue on the following link.

An associated Nature Web Collection on the gut microbiota is also available online.


Posted by:  Julien Tap , PhD

INRA Metagenopolis - France

Publishing team member

Postdoctoral researcher at the French Research Institute in Agricultural Sciences, INRA, Dr Julien Tap is currently working at MetaGenopolis laboratory, which aims at establishing the impact of the human gut microbiota on health and disease using cutting edge approaches like metagenomics. Julien Tap received his PhD from Pierre et Marie university in Paris in 2009. His main research interest is oriented towards the study of the interactions between micro-organisms and the host (humans), impacting or ensuring or providing human health and well being. During his postdoc at EMBL in Germany in Peer Bork group, he had been involved in the MetaHIT project and continued to study interactions in the human gut microbiome, using molecular and bioinformatics approaches, in connection with clinical studies (obesity, diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease and colon cancer). He also participates to the project development called my.microbes which permits to give an easy access to everyone who wants a microbiome analysis using metagenomics approach. Find him on: GoogleTwitterScholarPubMed


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